Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Upside, Downside

You cheer when a publisher says she likes the work; you put your head in your hands when she says she needs another thirty pages. No unadulterated good here. But I'm about to root around in my notebook and journals, see what I've missed, and talk to a photographer friend about rounding out the manuscript with pictures, a suggestion from said publisher. All this comes as I face a very full plate: house sitting, helping coordinate a poetry service for my fellowship, a lead on a part-time dream job, a 9-week writing program to facilitate in the fall, three weeks of pre-paid vacation that I really cannot forgo, an editing project for The Cafe Review, coordinating a poetry reading for our public auditorium, and, oh, yeah, working on that novel I just started. Who said there's no work for writers? There's no pay for writers, but plenty of work. If I seem a little distant for the next few weeks, you'll understand.


MOPPETT said...

HI! I wish I had known you were blogging earlier. I got through May and will catch up as time goes on. Looking forward to reading wome of your writings.
It sounds like you have found your place in the world.

Karen Douglass said...

Things are good; I still think about Ireland, and am trying to live the simple life I dreamed about finding there, but it was not the right time. Someday!

Karen Douglass said...
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