Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sister Blog

Sometimes I am such a slow learner! As I have just explained on my new alternate blog, (look to your left) I wanted to write a book about being a good citizen, about practicing democracy at the local level. So, this morning I'm in my writing chair, mulling over that idea again, and at least two brain cells fired and I said, Hey, how about a blog dedicated to such things? A couple more neurons piped up and said, Yeah, good idea. Just go do it, now, before you chicken out. So I did. You can visit that blog: Begin At Home: The ABC's of Living Local, also on Blogspot. Now, since I spent a lot of time on it, I expect you to spend a little time on it. Let me hear from you. I know you lurk around and get shy, but geez, it doesn't cost a thing and you can use a pen name if you can think of one that isn't obscene or boring.

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