Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ah, Hackers

Watch out, I'm in the mood for a mild rant. Yesterday my previous email account was hacked and everyone, as far as I can tell, on my contact list received an inappropriate message, seemingly from me. Well, quick as I could, I opened a new account with another server, imported my contacts and sent out a blast with explanation and new email address. Today I am trying to catch up with on-line accounts that depend on my email and to right that tipsy wheels-falling-off-the-wagon vehicle. It's not quite identity theft, but a pretty good approximation of what it feels like to have others doing things in your name that you would not do. Never, ever, no way.

The instructive part of this misadventure was how other people interpreted the mess. Close friends and family sent messages like "I think you've been hacked." Most just ignored it, maybe knowing that this weirdness was unimportant, really. A couple of responses seemed outraged: what did I mean by sending such a message? I could almost hear the disgust from the screen. I started to apologize, then caught myself. I didn't send that obnoxious ad. Someone with no discernible brain power sent it, thinking what? That the women on my contact list would buy an erectile dysfunction cure and hide it in their mates' mashed potatoes? That the men on the list were unaware that such products exist and will be eternally grateful for this method of improving their performance? Is some poor soul with a warped sense of humor snickering over my headlong plunge into defense over his/her offensive attack on my associates? I'll never know. I don't really care much, though I did say a few unkind words when I had trouble signing in here with outdated/updated information. So, Hackers of the World, have a nice day. Enjoy your mud pies.

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