Sunday, July 4, 2010

Never Quite Finished

The latest poetry ms, Zero Gravity, is in the mail, twice. Once as a querry and once as a full-length submission. I've had two initial readers, and I've gone over the text with what I thought was an eagle eye, only to find out after I dropped them in the mail that I still have too many apostrophes. So what? you ask. The what is any excuse to reject one of too many contenders. Oh, well, I did say it was a multiple submission, so I'll clip out the offensive punctuation and send the whole thing off to my next option. Good to have options. Good to have wild hope that the poems will overcome the rejection process and some good soul will say, hey, these are so good that we'll overlook the minor mistake. Like that's going to happen! This is all part of the work, the constant grooming and hoping against the odds. But, hey, I've published before, so I'm not totally out of my mind to think that some knowledgeable stranger will fall in love with this work.Tomorrow the sun may come up purple and our cherry tomatoes grow to the size of basketballs. The dog and I may both learn to speak fluent French, and I'll win the Powerball. Right?

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