Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cleaning Up My Own Mess

Writing is a messy business. Ideas breed like wild rabbits, papers overflow the in-basket, the out-basket and the recycle basket. Ink cartridges drain like desert aquifers. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh, my. And whose fault is this? Mine, of course. Not only is the mess of my making, but I cannot hire a house cleaner to tidy up after me. So, here's my writer's to-do list. Feel free to nag me if I don't report back that I've done these things before Santa comes. (Otherwise, I won't get that new Mercedes. Yeah, like I would anyway. I'll be driving my used Camry with a dented door until I die.)

  • Finish the current book production project; all I need to do is reformat a couple of the poems and get the author to open her account on Create Space
  • Find another book production/coaching client
  • Update my submissions records on Duotrope and in my notebook
  • Send out submissions of the new and the rejected poems
  • File the food lit bibliography cards I've been tossing on top of the index card file
  • Finish the cover design for my own next poetry chapbook; the text is done
  • Select poems to read at Third Thursday at Forza open mike tomorrow
  • Read and comment on the poems I've received for tonight's critique group
  • Read the poetry book selected for our next poetry book club meeting at Boulder Books
  • Figure out how to write reviews for Amazon
  • Begin the script for the poetry theater which begins to roll out in February for presentation in April and get it to the director
  • Update my website news page
Oh, looking at all of this, I think I need a nap. Or a walk with the dog. Maybe I need to make breakfast. Yeah, that's it. Must be low blood sugar that keeps me from tackling all this work. You listening, Santa? Oatmeal, now.

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