Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday and today (so far) are good days. Last evening I went to a meeting of my fiction group. Our usual fearless leader was away, so we were a little loose in getting organized, but we managed. Of the seven people at the table, four had new work, written in response to that ET prompt I mentioned last week. As always, I was amazed at how varied were the responses to the same prompt. In one story the ET's were Flatlanders, with a twist, of course; in the next the astronomer presented the ET, modeled on the Roswell NM descriptions; the third twisted the original prompt so that the ET was the astronomer's brother, a green, foul smelling creature, and then there was my stunned priest coping with ET's who took sanctuary in his sanctuary. We had a great time.

This was on top of finally making myself send out a query to yet another agent for a book that has been in the making for years. I have not had much success with writing a synopsis, a task that goes against the grain because it requires telling, rather than showing. But the book sure won't get read sitting in my file box. So off it went. And today I will mail the ms for the poetry contest. Then do some work for The Cafe Review, and that will clear the decks before I start Novel Boot Camp a little over a week from now. I still have to force myself to do these business letters and submissions. They are not nearly as satisfying as composing a new poem or story. But I know that they may lead to readers, and I want readers.

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