Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More techno stuff

The need for a computer is obvious. I have two. Neither one really loves me. The little old one runs on Windows XP, a generally useful and uncomplicated system which I prefer. The new one runs Vista Basic, one of the truly evil inventions of this millenium. It's slow, stubborn, does things I don't need or want it to do. But this machine is stable and the old one tends to lose its grip on a page or a command. What to do? I could trade both and get a Mac, but that won't come with a word processor, and what's the good of that? So, sigh, I've just upped my anti-virus on the current newest laptop and promised that I will be patient with it.

I was browsing a thrift shop yesterday and patted, longingly, an old portable typewriter. Remember typewriters? But I don't see that happening. I don't even see the possibility of buying ribbons for one, nor the need to drive off to the post office to do business. And more and more of the markets to which I submit work are asking for electronic submission. So, instead of carting home yet one more device for putting words on paper, I bought a two-volume Norton--a truly wonderful find for three dollars!

The sun is brilliant today, the swallows are clearing the air of bugs, trees are leafing out almost before my eyes, and Dog is freshly clipped for summer. I think I'll take a walk and then get back to work on my submissions folder. KD

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