Monday, October 13, 2008

A la Carte

Since that blog on Thursday morning I have had a rich diet of art: a wonderful poetry reading on Thursday evening featuring Denver Poet Laureate Chris Ransick, with open mic to follow; a small but productive writing group Saturday morning; opera selections at our local auditorium that afternoon; and Saturday evening a boffo poetry reading in Denver by Dorianne Laux. By Sunday I wanted to do nothing but digest and think. That too is part of participating in the arts. No, not rock sitting--too cold and damp--but taking time to think about what we hear and see. Just let it sink in. Like many of us I dash from one project to another, then wonder why I'm frazzled. No roses to stop at now, but making soup, reading, even watching hours of World View on cable was what I wanted. Now it's Monday and I'm back at work, my to-do list at my side, the dog at my feet.

Hurrying around has, you see, affected my work on the novel in progress. When I typed up the last bit of draft, I did not know where the previous chapter had gone. Well, it had gone into the recycle bin on the computer. Not good. I had hard copy, but who wants to retype the whole chapter if she doesn't need to? Not me. My goal for the day then is to sort out the various drafts and get that writing going in a more or less straight line. And reading my cousin Edie's new poem. She and I have made contact through poems, despite being children the last time we were in the same room. All this should make for a pleasant day, these and the bright leaves outside my window. Okay, I'm just chattering here. See ya, KD

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