Monday, October 27, 2008

New Look

You've heard about six degrees of separation? Well, how about changing that to six degrees of connection. That's what we are really talking about, right? I don't want to keep the Dalai Lama away, but to find a way to meet him. Well, the chances are that won't happen, but you just never can predict whom you might meet face to face on any given day. And you won't meet anyone if you stay in your house. I mean, how often do folks just wander up to your door and say hi? No, you have to walk the dog, go out for coffee, shop, and make eye contact. It doesn't always take much, a smile, a little greeting. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Two new folks came to church and I said hello in the coffee crunch after the service. Well, turns out Sharon is a very savvy writer and Mary Beth is a bright woman. So we went to lunch and had a fine time. So much so that we did that again yesterday. And Sharon quizzed me on my flaming pink blog site. Huh?

See, on my monitor it looked maroon, a sedate color that I didn't think would offend anyone. Thank you, Sharon, for speaking up. So as not to offend the anti-pink readers, I've just pushed a few buttons and changed the whole thing without losing my mind. And we know that a mind is a terrible thing to lose, right? Who cares what color the blog is? I don't know. Connect, tell me what you think. Is it now easier on the eyes? What color do you see?


mccolloml said...

I don't remember pink. I'll just say I was paying attention to the words. The new color if very nice. I see tan with dark brown.
Love you. L.

Karen Douglass said...

thank you!

FranD said...

The color I see on this comment page is kind of pinkish, I suppose. I did notice the new look and feel of your blog, though.
It's great.
I saw brown on my monitor through my old eyes that cannot tell the difference between beige or tan. In fact, even as young eyes, they never could.