Thursday, October 9, 2008

Social Justice Poem

Recently a friend challenged me to write about what I believe. Writing to order is not my usual way of doing things, but, hey, it's worth a try, so here's an effort starting from the big end, the abstract, the general, and getting down to images.

Holiday Gift List

One dime
to the Department of Offense,
a one-way trip to Elba for George,
one tuba and six guitars to every school,
box lunches for the National Guard.

In return
I'd like a nurse and a doctor,
a tax law I can read
about my double-tithe to Caesar.
Oh, I want a bridge, a dam and
a levee without cracks,
good water from the tap,
gardens growing down the street,
my street clear
of broken glass, guns, and dope.

Let's ask neighbors--striped, plaid, and plain--
to sing in many tongues,
give them paychecks,
a three-course sit-down dinner,
roofs, floors, and walls. Let's
give them plumbing!
Hand every kid a ball, a flock of birds,
a book, at least three hugs. Oh, yeah,
an orange, a new toothbrush,
and shoes with really strong laces.

1 comment:

scootertime said...

Nice one! I like Department of Offense. That would make it DOO :)
I hope you get everything on your list this year...